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01/27/2011 NEW!
Customer : K. Turner "It was the first time using your service. It was very easy to order the car and the driver was very pleasant.
We ended up with our flight cancelled due to the ice storm in Atlanta and reordered the car for the next day. Our driver was very
prompt and even though the roads to the airport were ice covered he was terrific. A very careful driver. Thank You again ,
Kathleen Turner"

01/26/2011 NEW!
Customer : m. wells "This service is excellent. Very reliable and personable .... I highly recommend it. Vehicles are clean and
the drivers are very accommodating. Highly recommend this service!"
Limo Service Response: "Thank you Mr. Wells for your recommendation!"

01/07/2011 NEW!
Customer : R. Wiles "The driver was prompt and courteous. Sometimes it may be necessary to ring the door bell, especially in
complexes where there isn't a window to the street. The return trip was great, as the driver was waiting in international
baggage claim for us. "

10/25/2008 Customer : Benjamin Ladd
"Being up at 5:30 am the morning after St. Patty's Day was a lot to ask. You came through for me, even when the Excedrin
didn't. First rate, thank you very much!"

Service Partner Response: "We pride ourselves in being an on-time reliable service. Thank you for your business."

10/23/2008 Customer : Kristi
"Prompt and courteous."

Service Partner Response: "Thank you."

10/19/2008 Customer : Michelle
"Thank you for doing a great job getting my mother who is a senior to the airport on time! Also thanks for being on time at 4:30
in the morning! You are very reliable! Many thanks, Michelle Taylor Channel 955"

Service Partner Response: "We know how important it is to make sure loved ones arrive safe. We treat everyone as if they were

03/27/2008 Customer : Jeff Smith
"Thank you! You took great care of my two high school age kids, tracking their flight which was two hours late, stopping to get
them some food, and just turning a poor travel experience into a great one. I would genuinely recommend you to anyone,
anytime. "

Service Partner Response: "We took care of your kids as if they were our own. Thank you."

03/22/2008 Customer : Susan Wood
"I wasn't the passenger on either of these trips. I hired Detroit Metro Car limo to take guests of my department to the airport.
Since both of them arrived on time for their flights and neither expressed any complaints, I assume the service was completely

Service Partner Response: "Thank you."

03/17/2008 Customer : Peter Lardakis

Service Partner Response: "Thank you."

03/06/2008 Customer : Cheryl thrasher
"Johnny was our driver and he was super nice and patient. When we arrived at Detroit Metro airport I had arranged for the driver
to pick us up at 5:00 since our flight got in @ 4:15 I figured that was enough time for us to get our luggage and might him. He
was there right on time but our bags were not we had to wait 45 minutes for our bags. He was so patient and courteous during
the whole time."

Service Partner Response: "Cheryl it is clients such as you that make this job worthwhile."

02/28/2008 Customer : Bonnie Humm
"First time I used your service. Was very pleased."

Service Partner Response: "Thank you. We hope to see you again."

02/13/2008 Customer : rob halsey
"On time, clean car, and very professional. "

Service Partner Response: "Thank you."

01/03/2008 Customer : Joel Ginsburg
"Johnny is the "Best". His is "My Driver" in the future."

Service Partner Response: "Mr. Ginsburg it is clients like you who are the best and make it a pleasure in serving your
transportation needs."

12/19/2005 Customer : WENDY PARE

Service Partner Response: "We do whatever we can to try to ease your anxiety. God bless you and your family with good health."

12/07/2005 Customer : T.L.
"johnny (driver) was great"

Service Partner Response: "Thank you. Most importantly, you are great."

12/04/2005 Customer : Faye Beardselee
"My driver, Johnny, was respectful, professional, courteous, helpful, and punctual. Thank you for a safe and carefree ride."

Service Partner Response: "You are welcome. Thank you for your support."

12/02/2005 Customer : Dale Gordon
"Very good service, good driver and vehicle, did have to wait when flight was a little early."

Service Partner Response: "Thank you. "

11/30/2005 Customer : Susanne Tabbita
"The driver was on time and very pleasant. I felt the price was fair, especially for the distance the driver had to go. I would not
hesitate to use them again and will do so on future trips."

Service Partner Response: "Thank you."

11/29/2005 Customer : Lisa Rapps
"Great service, prompt and friendly. I will definitely call Detroit Metro Car Transportation next time I'm in Detroit."

Service Partner Response: "Thank you. We look forward to hearing from you."

11/26/2005 Customer : Valerie Kabat
"Both drivers were great! They were on time (early, actually), pleasant, and they had good music on their radios! I would
definitely use this service again."

Service Partner Response: "We stride ourselves in doing what it takes to keep you happy."

11/24/2005 Customer : Noah Wofsy
"I was pleased with the service."

Service Partner Response: "Thank you."

11/18/2005 Customer : R Arends
"Great service. Driver was prompt and courteous."

Service Partner Response: "Thank you."

11/15/2005 Customer : Rob Havelt
"The Driver was really good... I mean really good, you could have set a clock by his arrival, and he got me to the airport quickly,
even in heavy traffic and bad weather. This company is great, and my driver was awesome."

Service Partner Response: "Thank you."

11/10/2005 Customer : Steven Rothenberg
"They were always on time. I will use them again and recommend them to others."

Service Partner Response: "We enjoyed serving you and your sons family times together. "

11/02/2005 Customer : Bob Tieke
"The service was excellent, as well as the vehicle. Very nice car, very nice to have driver waiting there for you at the airport and
prompt on time service. I will consider using your company again when in the Detroit area."

Service Partner Response: "Thank you."

10/13/2005 Customer : Deb Woolly
"Great service and friendly drivers!!!"

10/12/2005 Customer : Jenny Bonaudi
"Drivers were terrific. Your service is great. I'll re-book for my next trip to Detroit Metro Car."

10/05/2005 Customer : Justine Springberg
"I was happy to see Johnny had my bag ready to go. He was friendly and had a fun sense of humor and a courteous
demeanor. Thank You. "

09/25/2005 Customer : Valorie Stella
"Detroit Metro Car transportation provided the best, most customer service I've seen in a long time. My only disappointment
was, because my NW flight was terribly delayed, the emergency backup provided was not the vehicle type I requested; however
the driver did everything to make my ride safe/comfortable."

09/20/2005 Customer : mark
"Great, prompt, it works for me!"

09/06/2005 Customer : Frank Cardimen
"Chauffeur was excellent. Friendly, helpful, courteous and safe. Will use him again!"

08/25/2005 Customer : Bonita Ellis
"Service provided was excellent"

08/23/2005 Customer : Yuni Lee
"great service!"

08/15/2005 Customer : harry Buchanan
"Fantastic personality, service and promptness. Will use service again if in area. "

08/08/2005 Customer : Judy Dunsworth
"The reservation e-mail indicated that a driver would be waiting near baggage claim with a sign and that did not happen, but I
called the toll free number and got an immediate response, I just had to go outside and find the car."

Service Partner Response: "In instances of extreme airport congestion driver and client may have some difficulty linking up

08/07/2005 Customer : E C Lashbrooke Jr
"Punctual. I consider this extremely important particularly when coming in on an overseas flight. Chauffeur was very pleasant."

Service Partner Response: "Thank you."

08/01/2005 Customer : Fred RT Nelson
"Timing was perfect too and from airport"

Service Partner Response: "Thank you."

07/31/2005 Customer : de Molloy
"I had a good driver there and back I liked the soothing music in the ride back to the airport"

07/27/2005 Customer : vickie snyder
"I am awaiting feedback from the executives you handled today...thank you for the service - It appears to be working very well. -

Service Partner Response: "Thank you."

07/25/2005 Customer : Frank Sczech
"No problems, driver showed up exactly on time. "

07/12/2005 Customer : Lisa Snyder
"Our experience was great! Scheduling and pick up was great as well."

06/29/2005 Customer : Betsy R. Johnson
"Fair price and no penalty for a late flight that arrived well after midnight. Will use again"

06/26/2005 Customer : christie nordhielm
"My first limo ride in Ann Arbor - I'm living in an out-of-the-way location and they found me right on time (4:15 am). Clean cars,
courteous drivers, everything was excellent."

Service Partner Response: "Having clients like you is what really makes it excellent."

06/24/2005 Customer : Deborah Kennard
"I was very pleased with the service. I will use them again."

Service Partner Response: "Thank you."

06/16/2005 Customer : Sherry Aliotta
"Friendly and Professional. "

Service Partner Response: "Thank you."

05/28/2005 Customer : Michael Bilson
"Our plane was delayed so our driver waited two hours for us, and paid for parking, with no complaints, and no extra charge. "

Service Partner Response: "We realize that some clients may have had a long day and are exhausted. So we do whatever we
can to help ease the tension."

05/17/2005 Customer : Ann Marie Lanser
"I had a positive experience with DTW, thanks."

Service Partner Response: "You are very welcomed and thank you for your business."

05/11/2005 Customer : Amy Hubenschmidt
"I work for a professor that asked me to check into DTW transportation services. Dr. Soliman travels frequently, and has visitors
always coming to the University of Michigan which require transportation services. We have been pleased with the service DTW
provides, and the rates compared to other "competitors" are very reasonable. "

Service Partner Response: "We find joy in helping business and student travelers meet their transportation needs."

05/08/2005 Customer : Michael Schimento
"Driver was on-time and courtesy"

Service Partner Response: "Thank you."

05/06/2005 Customer : tamas juhasz
"the service was very nice timely and the driver was polite and had exellent manners. i will use the service again"

Service Partner Response: "We try to go above and beyond in making sure that you always have a great experience when
using our service."

05/04/2005 Customer : Jacqueline Adams
"We will use the service again, my mother was very satisfied. Driver(s) was on time and was very courteous. She was very
impressed. Thank you again. "

Service Partner Response: "Your mom has a heart of gold. Thank you."

05/04/2005 Customer : Mindy Finnigan
"WE enjoy and appreciate the individualized service we receive. We schedule alot of ground transportation, it nice to know we
can rely and trust the service we recieve each time."

Service Partner Response: "We pride ourselves in bringing consistent first class, reliable and affordable service."

05/02/2005 Customer : Brian Novakovich
"our driver was outstanding, He really made it a great experience."

Service Partner Response: "Thank you. It is the client who makes it an even greater experience for us."

05/01/2005 Customer : Heather Perez
"Extremely reliable! I highly reccomend this company"

Service Partner Response: "Thank you."

04/29/2005 Customer : Susan Key
"Wonderful service times we used you. Would recommend your company to anyone who is traveling in the Detroit/Ann Arbor
area. Thank you."

Service Partner Response: "Thank you."

04/25/2005 Customer : cynthia ciacelli
"very nice ride, excellent customer relations we will recomend to others"

Service Partner Response: "Thank you for your support. "

04/13/2005 Customer : Shannon
"I was extremely impressed with the service & with the driver..... Wonderful experience! Will tell others! Peace, Shannon"

Service Partner Response: "Shannon you made it a wonderful experience. Good luck in your business venture."

04/07/2005 Customer : Sanders
"Great service on time and friendly drivers. When im in the Detroit area again I will be using your servies"

Service Partner Response: "We pride ourselves in making sure that the customer always comes first."

02/12/2005 Customer : DEBORAH BUTLER
"This was the first time using your service. I was very please with everything. The chauffeur was pleasent, and waiting for us
when the plane arrived. I will be calling you when ever needed. Thank you. "

Service Partner Response: "You are very welcomed. "
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